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Craig Raucher - Founder and Commissioner of the Staten Island Basketball League -

Craig Raucher - Founder and Commissioner of the Staten Island Basketball League -

Dr. David Mayman-Orthopedic Surgery and Orthopedic Surgeons Council

The Hospital For Special Surgery-New York City


Per your request for an update on my knee surgery relative to post-op physical therapy please note the following: I had the second of 2 total knee replacement surgeries three years ago when I was 62. Having founded the Staten Island Basketball League 38 years ago (oldest league in New York) I have a long and rich basketball history. I have played organized and college basketball for 52 years and have had many knee surgeries due to basketball injuries. Eventually, I had to have both knees fully replaced as I was in constant pain, limping and the quality of my life was not good.

As an aging athlete working out and playing ball defined my nature and were shields against growing old.

I sought out the best hospital (the HSS) and the best orthopedic surgeon I could find to do the surgery. I was told by Dr. Mayman and his surgical team that I would never again play full court competitive basketball ever again as they never had a patient that came back to play competitively at a high level from one knee replacement let alone both knees replaced. I listened but whenever someone tells me I cannot do something I never believe it. You cannot bet against the human spirit.

I worked very hard before the knee surgery to strengthen the muscles above and below the knee. After the surgery I was fortunate to have found and was recommended to Dr. Mark Pacchiano and his Core Physical Therapy and Sports Group. Dr. Pacchiano was the best physical therapist that I have ever been a patient of and I have seen many physical therapists over the years. He combines the rate combination of outstanding knowledge, strong motivational skills, professionalism and the innate ability to completely understand his patient’s needs: physically, psychologically and emotionally. The combination of these key components allows him and by extension his patients to receive world class treatment. Unlike other physical therapy groups in which you have inexperienced, immature, unskilled people and are treated as a number Dr. Pacchiano is hands on. He was dedicated from start to finish to seeing me through a very painful post op period.

I now play full court highly competitive basketball twice a week at age 65 with men 30 years younger and hold my own. I have no pain, full range of motion and no stiffness. My only regret is that I had only 2 knees to replace (only kidding). My determination and will supplemented by Dr. Pacchianos expertise and motivation especially during very painful periods allowed me to overcome all obstacles.

This type of surgery requires 3 very important and critical components: finding the right surgeon/hospital, the will to persevere throughout the rehabilitation phase and having the right physical therapist. I can think of no one better than Dr. Pacchiano.

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