Staten Island Basketball League
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2017 Marks Our 37th Year

The players are from all walks of life-rich, poor, middle class. They are working, unemployed, underemployed or retired. They are teachers, detectives, grad students, businessmen, fire department lieutenants, teachers, physician’s assistants, construction workers, politicians, lawyers and others all glued together for the love of the game. Commissioner Craig Raucher

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Where we play

We play every Wednesday (7-10 p.m.) and Saturday (8-11 a.m.)

Public School 8 - 112 Lindenwood Road Great Kills, Staten Island NY 10308

Commissioner Craig Raucher (718) 605-2189

map of staten island basketball league

PS 8 where the league plays is 60 years old on July 23rd 2016 Staten Island Basketball League Staten Island Basketball League Staten Island Basketball League
Public School 8, where the group has played for 30 plus years, is one of the oldest schools on Staten Island and in New York City proper. Located in the town of Great Kills the school was built in 1915 and additions were made to the main building in 1937 and again in 1952. Named as the Shirlee Solomon school in 1992 after Mrs. Solomon who was a crusader for both children’s rights and education.

The gym at P S 8 is old yet in great shape. The backboards are wooden as are the floors and the court is smaller then most basketball venues.When you enter this gym you are stepping into a bygone era and reminds you of the gym pictured in the movie Hoosiers.



What The Players Have To Say

“Although we call it a league it is more accurate to describe us as a group of highly competitive guys playing together for many many years.”

“We are able to play for long stretches at a time with players of equal ability, minus the macho and combative atmosphere that exists in schoolyard ball.”

“The true glue to this group is the camaraderie and friendships that have developed and endured”

“The caliber of play and the competitiveness of the games is what keeps everyone coming back for more. It is basketball heaven for guys over 30.”


How it all started

Began as the Brooklyn Athletic League in Brooklyn, New York and changed for the past 36 years to the Staten Island Basketball League we have played twice weekly full court basketball in a 60-year-old wooden floor and wooden backboard Hoosiers style gym. It has been a magnet for older players who got very tired of playing with the run, gun and selfish ways of younger players outdoors and needed a more comfortable game. It became a haven for older seasoned players who could not take the pounding of concrete in schoolyards anymore.

Managed and nurtured all of these years by Craig Raucher it is called a league. Really it is a large group of men coming together Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings like religious zealots seeking the high of a basketball win in controlled pick up games. Living on the winning shot until the next get together or the great pass or the monster rebound ecstasy and agony play out.

Over the years there have been 250 plus players who have come through the gym doors to play regularly. Son Daniel started coming down when he was 13 to shoot around evolved into a player by 16 and dominated by 23.

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On Saturday November 18, 2107 The Staten Island Basketball League holds it annual luncheon at 12 noon. On Saturday November 18, 2107 The Staten Island Basketball League holds it annual luncheon at 12 noon.

Old times, past, present and new players will all be there. Advise the Commissioners office if you are attending.

Saturday, November 18, 2017, at 12 noon.

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